Komodo Adventure is a travel agent that travels Bali, Lombok and East Nusa Tenggara. The establishment of this company was based on the initiative of Mr. Valensius Papung who have competencies in the field of tourism. He has reliable knowledge and experience so that this company can run well since its founding in 2009. Now Komodo Adventure is a company that is quite large and has good management. No doubt in its capacity to develop tourism and prepare all forms of good tourism services to customers. Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal Working, that is the Founding Philosophy of the Company in bringing this company from the beginning, now and in the future. This philosophy also spreads and influences the employees who help the Service Company, so they know what they are doing and the goals they are doing.

With hard work of our company, we have had many customers who trust our travel agents, in handling various types of trips. Our travel agents also work with Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Batavia Air, Citilink, LionAir and many others. In addition to working with several airlines, we also work with hotels, Resort, Villa and cottages in almost several cities that are often visited by many foreign and domestic tourists.

Komodo Adventure was firstly founded in Bali in 2019. It was founded in Bali because the Founder of the Company has Education and Work in Bali at that time, besides that Bali is a very strategic place and the Heart of Indonesian Tourism, of course its consideration is more promising and profitable in Business Tours and Travel. since 2018 the Founder has moved to domicile in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, which is one of the places where tourism is crowded by tourists. With all of his considerations, the company office also moved in Labuan Bajo West Manggarai, NTT


Company Vision:

Become a superior and advanced tour and travel company, by providing satisfaction to customers through quality products and services.

Company Mission:

  • Providing all forms of services that our customers need.
  • Providing quality services in the form of convenience, comfort and speed in tours and travel services to customers
  • Building long-term relationships with customers as one of the competitive advantages


Jl. Trans Flores, Merombok. Labuan bajo.
Mobile/WA: 081246715033
Email : valentine_fmr@yahoo.com
Wesite: komodoadventuretours.com


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