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Komodo Adventure Tour is an online and offline travel company who organize tour package to the East of Nusa Tenggara (NTT) especially Flores and Komodo Island surroundings. We provide to visitors all about information of Flores and Komodo Island include geography, map, culture, dive site and tour package and much more before you decide to travel to Flores and Komodo island surroundings.we have knowledge and experience on handling tour to Flores and Komodo Island surrounding, there for we have self confidence to serve you with  prioritizing your satisfy. Of course we enclose all detail and accurate advice to make sre your best destination to visit.

Flores Island has a lot of impressive places supported nature and culture uniqueness includes the attraction. Combine with amazing of Komodo Island with its have Komodo dragon, white sand beaches, spectacular marine life and biodiversity. We promise to take you to these wonderful places with best deal and exclusive tour packages.


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